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What are the main types of threaded inserts of Xinxiang Flight Fastener Co., LTD.?


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What are the main types of threaded inserts of Xinxiang Flight Fastener Co., LTD.?

2024-03-23 13:44:25

The first type: wire threaded inserts

Wire thread insert is a new type of internal threaded fastener, suitable for threaded connection, screwed and fastened in the threaded hole of one of the connected parts to form a standard internal thread, and the bolt (or screw) is screwed into it. It is a spring-like internal and external thread concentric body made of cold-rolled diamond stainless steel wire with high strength, high precision and smooth surface. It is mainly used to strengthen and protect the internal thread of low strength material. The principle is to form an elastic connection between the screw and the internal thread of the matrix, eliminate the thread manufacturing error, and improve the connection strength.新闻1-图片1v8m

The second type: self-tapping threaded inserts

Self-tapping thread insert has screw-thread inside and outside, embedded in plastic, aluminum cast iron, copper and other soft materials, can form a higher strength of the internal thread hole, self-tapping thread insert can also repair the broken internal thread.


The third type: key locking threaded inserts

Key locking thread insert is a special fastener with internal and external threads, and four or two bolt keys on the external thread. The bolt screw set is inserted into the bottom hole after tapping, and then four bolts are pressed into it to play a strong fastening role.


For wire threaded inserts, self-tapping threaded inserts and key-locking threaded inserts, we have a wide range of sizes that can be manufactured to the standards required by our customers. Of course, since we have a professional R&D and design team, if you need to produce special fasteners according to your drawings, we can do that too.

So if you have a need for threaded inserts, please feel free to choose us!