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Some features of wire thread inserts

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Some features of wire thread inserts


Some features of wire thread inserts

Feature 1:The diameter of the wire thread insert before installation is larger than the diameter of the thread hole to be installed, when assembling, the wire thread insert is torqued by the thread guide ring of the installation wrench to make its diameter smaller and enter into the threaded hole, and after installing, the wire thread insert produces a similar effect as the expansion of springs, so that it is firmly fixed in the threaded hole, and it won't be taken out due to the screw's spinning, and it won't be moved along with the movement of the screw.

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Feature 2:Increase the bearing capacity and fatigue strength of the threaded connection: the wire thread insert makes the screw and the installation of the wire thread insert between the threaded hole to form an elastic connection, thus eliminating the internal and external threads between the pitch and tooth half-angle error, can be in the length of the regulations to make the load on the threads of each circle uniformly distributed to strengthen the internal threads and vibration damping, and therefore can

 improve the fatigue strength of the parts of the threaded connection.


Feature 3: Wire thread insert by the extremely hard cold-rolled stainless steel wire winding, like a mirror surface to reduce friction and wear, can make the screw due to friction and torque reduction of 90%, so that the smallest tightening screw torque to get the maximum preloading torque and screw tension, to prevent the screw from loosening, so that the alloy steel screws are in the best use of the state!


Feature 4: Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of the wire thread insert can be in a variety of materials and general environmental conditions to ensure its applicability, the use of steel wire sleeve assemblies will not be stalled.

Feature 5:The wire thread insert can prevent the threaded connection from seizing or abrasion under high temperature.

Feature 6:Material saving:Compared with ordinary standard female threads, under the same strength conditions, after the use of wire thread insert, in order to make the best possible use of the yield limit, you can choose a smaller size, higher strength screws, which can save a lot of material, reduce the weight and reduce the size.

Feature 7: locking type wire thread insert can lock the screw in the threaded hole formed after the installation of the wire thread insert, in the vibration and impact, so that the screw will not be loose buckle, than the usual locking device with good process performance.


Feature 8: Simplify the structural design and assembly, can replace the bolt and nut coupling mode to make it more simple.