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131pcs Wire thread insert thread repair kit

Thread repair kit

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131pcs Wire thread insert thread repair kit

Thread repair kit is used to repair or replace damaged or peeled internal thread. There are 131 parts in the whole set of equipment, all of which are manufactured according to professional standards.

    131pcs Wire thread insert thread repair kit

    Thread repair kit is used for repairing damaged threads, you can still use the original size screws after the repair is completed.

    The 131-piece set contains: M5*0.8, M6*1.0, M8*1.25, M10*1.5, M12*1.75, five standard pitches of the repair kit, we also provide a separate model of the set can be purchased.

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    Product name

    Thread insert repair kits


    5 pieces twist drill 

    5 pieces thread tap 

    5 pieces mounting wrench

    5 pieces thruster

    1 piece hexagonal wrench 

    110 pieces wire thread inserts

    Included size

    M5*0.8/ M6*1  / M8*1.25 / M10*1.5 /  M12*1.75






    1.Complete display-Combination of the most commonly used specifications.
    2.Twist drill- 135° angle for greater penetration ,Hardened high-speed steel, ,more wear-resistant and durable,Anti-rust surface treatment.
    3.Special tap-Precision threads are easy to repair and grind.Hardened HSS for toughness and long service life.
    4.Breaker-High hardness, wear resistance, Easy to use.
    5.Installation tools-Easy to use, simple to operate.
    6.Wire thread insert-304 stainless steel material.High precision threaded inserts.High installation success rate.

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    Product Installation Steps

    Wire threaded inserts can be installed using either hand tools or power tools. Here are some simple installation procedures using hand tools, if you happen to need them, please take a closer look at it.

    1. Drill holes
    2. Use a special tap to screw into the drilled hole to form a threaded hole
    3. Using a special installation wrench, first put the threaded insert into the head of the installation tool.
    4. Then align the head of the tool with the threaded insert with the threaded hole and rotate to screw the threaded insert in.
    5. Remove the shank with the shank remover tool.
    6. Successful installation


    Related tools

    Regarding thread repair tools, we have some other related tools as follows ,These are the tools that are used when working with wire threaded inserts and are widely used in areas where thread repair is required.

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