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M6 M8 M10 stainless steel furniture wood insert nut

Wood insert nut

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M6 M8 M10 stainless steel furniture wood insert nut

Stainless steel furniture wood insert nut is a kind of fastener, widely used in the furniture industry. It is also very suitable for ships, Bridges and other wood widely used environment. Thread can be formed in wood material, used with screws and bolts.

    Zinc alloy stainless steel Furniture wood insert nut

    The nut is a kind of fastener, which is mostly used with screws or bolts, and the ordinary nut is mostly internal thread, which is screwed on the bolt to tighten the workpiece. Stainless steel furniture wood insert nut is mainly used for the conversion of internal and external thread connection, with one end having external thread and one end having internal thread. One end of the external thread can be embedded into the component to be installed, and the internal thread can be used with screws, bolts, etc.


    Stainless steel Furniture wood insert nut feature

    1.Flexible and Durable - These strong furniture wood insert nuts prevent moisture and contaminants from coming into contact with the metal of the nut shaft, thus providing protection against rust.

    2.Wear Resistant and Durable - The furniture wood insert nuts are internally and externally constructed with a trapezoidal thread style that minimises torque and enhances pulling power. It prevents cracking or damage to the material. The unique male thread ensures reliable locking and provides strong resistance to torsional or vibrational pulling.

    3.Wide application - Widely used in wooden furniture: wardrobes, cabinets, shoe racks, bookcases, etc. These socket head cap screws are suitable for pine, plywood, fibreboard, etc. and work well with any furniture combination.

    4.Easy to install - Simply drill the appropriate size holes and install with a hexagonal spanner, the tapered outer threads make them strong and hard to pull out.

    5.High quality materal - Stainless steel Furniture wood insert nuts are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, durable, corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant and burr free. With flanged non-slip design, wear resistant, very practical.

    Furniture wood insert nut Parameters

    Product name

    Furniture nut/Wood insert nut


    304 Stainless steel

    Surface Treatment

    Stainless steel material: natural color


    Furniture, Wood products,etc





    Head diameter

    Thread diameter

    Hexagonal diameter

    Thread length





















    Furniture wood insert nut Classification

    Furniture wood insert nuts are mainly made of stainless steel and Zinc alloy.

    Stainless steel material appearance of stainless steel colour, compared to zinc-plated iron material has a stronger service life, mainly reflected in the hardness and corrosion resistance.

    Zinc alloy material can be processed for the appearance of coloured zinc plating or blue-white zinc.


    The steps for installing internal and external tooth nuts are as follows:

    1.Select the appropriate size and material of the nut according to the actual need, and make sure the size and material of the nut matches the bolt or stud to ensure the reliability and sealing of the connection.

    2.Clean the surface of the object to be connected before installation to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean so that the nut can be completely fixed on the object.

    3.During the installation process, you can apply appropriate amount of grease to the threads to make tightening easier.

    4.Slowly screw the nut into the threaded hole, be careful not to force it in to prevent damage to the part threads.

    5.Use a wrench or other tools to tighten the nut, use the appropriate force, pay attention to the installation angle, so as not to slip the wrench.

    6.Check whether the nut is firmly fastened, if loose, it is necessary to re-tighten until the tightening force is moderate.


    For specific application scenarios, such as the installation of wood outer tooth nuts, special attention also needs to be paid to the following points:

    1.Ensure that the thickness of the wood and the length of the outer threaded nut are the same to ensure that the nut is tightened in the wood and remains well secured.

    2.Carefully adjust the depth of the nut to avoid irreparable damage to the wood or compromising the tightness of the wood.

    3.During tightening, be careful not to apply too much or too little force to avoid damaging the wood or causing the nut and wood to become not tight.

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